sea-595594_1920It is SUMMER and just like that it is August….

Kids are buying school supplies. Parents are checking off the days for the first day. Kids are wondering where they will sit.  If they will have any new students in their class.

Teachers are trying to not think about anything at all related to school, because we have a few weeks or maybe just a few days left before we “have” to start thinking about school.

But it happens..  Every time we try to NOT think about it we begin to wonder.  Is my room clean yet?  How will I arrange my desks?  What will my schedule look like?  When will we meet to do recess schedules? When will we start Reading Block?

We are all at this moment, in the last few moments of summer…. Wondering. Planning. Plotting the best course as we set sail on a new school year.  But what about the days, the moments, the things that will take us on an adventure we didn’t see coming.

When we go ADRIFT!

This summer my husband and I went to the movie, “Adrift”. They had set sail.  The ocean was their friend taking them on an adventure. They had it all mapped out.  How long it would take? How much food they would need? The exact route that would be the perfect plan.  They had all the tools they would need to make sure that they got from Point A to Point B perfectly.

Then life happened, and all the “perfect” plans were gone in an instant. What they had planned would now not work.  Nothing was the same.  There was no plan.  They had to rely on their skills.  They had to rely on what they new in their core.

As I think of a new school year quickly approaching I think of how much that movie parallels to a school year.

We will go off course. We will go adrift. Things will not go exactly as planned.  Make sure to always remember that plan #2 sometimes works out for the best.  We learn from the new course.  If we allow ourselves we will grow in the new route.  We will not only grow as an eduator, but chances are we will grow as a person.

I have been working on a new “course” that life has given me the last few weeks, and after talking to a mentor the ocean didn’t seem so big.  The plan I had made wasn’t the best route, but the plan mixed with his advice seemed to perfectly fit what I needed.  Then as I began to take off on the new plan and “course” he sent me a word via text that has become my new motto for the upcoming year.

One word…. #believe!

See the “course” ahead.  Know that it will change.  You will go adrift. It will change again, but never forget to #believe that if you stick to the final goal and your core beliefs no matter the “course” you will get there and it will probably be a better end than you could have imagined!

Have a great school year!


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