New Year, New Student



Just a short blog from a thought that came to me on a quick run….

I live in the middle of Nebraska so running outside in December is sometimes challenging.  Today when I left to run it was 5 degrees outside! On those days I choose to run the halls of my school…. No Windchill, No Freezing Temps, No Cars or Critters to worry about.  As I was running today thinking about the New Year that is upon us I  had a thought…

New Year, New You!

You hear this quote many times as the old year comes to an end and we begin to usher in a New Year.  We start to think about starting something new.  Making ourselves better. Giving ourselves a clean slate from all that “junk” we ate the last month! A fresh start to prove to ourselves that we can find that corner of us that needs improvement and do just that. Start over… New Year, New You!

What about our students?

As I ran the halls that my students walk this was my thought… I give myself the chance to start again! I don’t hold onto the “bad” from the last year, and I just press forward and TRY to improve.  Do I do that with my students?  Do I allow them a “New Year, New You”? I mean why do I let myself start the New Year with forgiveness and a clean slate, but when Johnny walks back into the school I get that cringe in my stomach of “Here we go again!”

New Year, New Student

I have spent time reading the book Culturize by Jimmy Casas this Christmas Break and in the book it talks a lot about being a CHAMPION for kids.  As I thought and ran this came to mind with New Year, New You, New Student… when you win a Championship there are a lot of failures and losses along the way, but you don’t give up. You get up. Dust yourself off and try again.  Let’s do that with our students as they walk through the doors of the school in the next week……. Be the leader of the Champion!

New Year…. New You… And let them be a New Student!




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