Be Your Heart!

When I set foot into my first classroom I had no idea the impact of “Being Your heart” would have.  In fact I really didn’t know until many years later how HUGE sharing your heart with students truly would be.

There is a quote that many teachers share that states something close to this… “Your students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  But what does “care” really mean in this quote.  Does care mean greeting them? Does care mean asking how they are in passing? Does care mean teaching the curriculum to a class?  Does care mean showing up for them? Does care mean checking their homework assignment?

Those are all important.  Don’t get me wrong


Does care mean let students know your heart? What makes you tick… What makes you happy…. What makes you, YOU!

As an educator for 20 plus years I have been on both sides of what “care” really means.  I have been that teacher that makes sure that the curriculum is complete, the homework has been assigned, the line is straight and quiet, and a smile is on my face as I taught.  Don’t get me wrong! I loved my job when I was that teacher. I loved my students!  But my heart wasn’t always in the right spot.  I didn’t share me.  I didn’t invest in my students.

It took 5 minutes in my career to make me realize that sharing my heart, being my heart was worth it all.  It is worth the 10 minutes away from the curriculum every so often to just let students know you are human.  Let them know we are in this together. We will make mistakes, together. They will forget. You will forget. We will forget.  Let them know what makes you tick, what makes you happy, and what makes you, YOU!

My students today know my heart.  They know my favorite food is nachos with a side of Peanut Butter M and M’s. They know I wash it down with my favorite pop Diet Coke.  They know I forget my tea sometimes in the morning and my husband has to run it to the school on his way out of town.  They know when I talk about my favorite thing I did over the weekend how much I love my time away from school, but then they also know how much I love to hear about their outstanding moments away from school.

Be your heart, because when you see them and they see you “Beyond the Whiteboard” you both learn more than you dreamed possible.

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